In Tanakh, these are the people who "saw the Lord". Some of them saw Him in a dream, some saw Him in a vision, but for most there is no such qualification. God appeared to them in such a way that they knew it was He. Sometimes He appeared in a human form.

Abraham Gen.12:7; Gen.17:1; Gen.18:1-2,22-23 [The two angels went towards

Sodom (cf.19:1). The Lord stood before Abraham.]

Isaac Gen.26:2; Gen.26:24

Jacob Gen.28:13 [in a dream]; Gen.32:30-31; Gen.35:9

Moses Ex.3:6,16; Ex.33:20-23; Num.12:6-8

Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and 70 elders of Israel Ex.24:10 [in a human form]

Balaam Num.24:4 [in a vision]

Solomon 1 Kings 3:5 [in a dream]; 1 Kings 9:2/2 Chr.7:12

Micaiah 1 Kings 22:19/2 Chr.18:18

Job Job 42:5

Isaiah Is.6:1,5

Daniel Dan.7:9 [in a human form in a vision]

Amos Am.9:1

The Congregation of Israel saw the Glory of the Lord Ex.16:10; Ex.24:17;

Lev.9:23; Num.16:19; Num.16:42

Ezekiel saw the image of the Glory of the Lord in a human form in visions.

Ezek.1:26-28; 3:23; 8:2-3; 43:2-3


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