Welcome to Elijahnet! In the course of centuries, all peoples develop traditional ways of thinking, speaking, believing, and acting. The Bible does not condemn tradition, nor does it teach us to reject the wisdom of past ages. It does, however, make it clear that God is not pleased with the traditions of men that are contrary to His Word.

The Lord has said: "Because these people honor Me with their lips, but have withdrawn their hearts far from Me; and they worship Me according to commandments of men which they have been taught; therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of their sages will perish, the understanding of the intelligent will vanish."
Isaiah 29:13-14

At ElijahNet you will find scripturally and historically accurate answers to some longstanding, controversial, political and religious questions.


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Responses to 2 Empty Attacks by:

Moshe Shulman on Rabbi Akiba's Messiah: The Origins of Rabbinic Authority

Dan Juster on The Separation of Church and Faith, Vol. 1, Copernicus and the Jews


The First-Century Jewish Scriptures that Changed the World

The Messianic Writings, Second Edition

Translated and Annotated
by Daniel Gruber

   These Jewish writings present themselves as completely dependent upon and flowing from the Law, the Writings, and the Prophets. Traditional translations of these Messianic Writings perpetuate systematic errors of immense magnitude — errors which significantly distort the message and are inextricably linked to horrific historical consequences.

   This new translation is faithful to the Jewish-Greek text and its context. Notes from rabbinic sources and explanatory notes help to clarify the world of the text.

"It will open your eyes, challenge your mind, and possibly change your heart!"

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THAT MAN! His Story

Translated, Arranged, and Annotated
by Daniel Gruber

   In the name of “That Man!” others who claimed to be his followers carried out endless persecutions, proclaiming the absolute rejection and eternal damnation of the Jewish people, his people. They lied, but their vile actions and teachings had an impact which continues to this day. For centuries, it was forbidden to even utter the name of “That Man!” in the Jewish community. His name remained unspoken or distorted. He was only referred to in oblique ways.

   But the story of “That Man!” is a first-century Jewish story of God’s faithfulness to Israel. This story presents Yeshua, “That Man!” as the prophesied Messiah of Israel. It combines the four different accounts into one. The text is accompanied by notes from Talmud, Midrash, and other sources. For those who want to know the true story, in its own context, free from historical distortions, this provides the opportunity to make an informed decision to reject or accept his claims.



Copernicus and the Jews

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