The Church and The Jews: The Biblical Relationship

by Daniel Gruber

Three life-changing parts: 1) The Biblical story of Israel's ongoing calling and centrality in the plan of God; 2) The history of the Church's rejection of the Biblical story; 3) A critique of past and present theologies.


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The Children of Abraham

by Daniel Gruber

Abraham lived a life that was pleasing to God. That is why his life serves as an example for all believers whether Jewish or Gentile to follow. As Yeshua said, “If you are Abraham’s children, do the deeds of Abraham.” This is a study of some of the deeds of Abraham and the character and commitment which they demonstrate. Those who are truly Abraham’s children will bear his likeness in their faith and in their works.


God, the Rabbis, and the Virgin Birth

by Daniel Gruber

This is a study of the prophecy in Isaiah 7:14.Does it predict the virgin birth of Messiah, or does it refer to the contemporary historical circumstances? This study examines both the evidence for the modern rabbinic position and the evidence for the view presented in Matt. 1:23. It also presents the story as it is uniquely told in Tanakh through the lives of six supernaturally conceived sons of Israel.

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Torah and the New Covenant

by Daniel Gruber

Two communities, which both started out from Jerusalem, have long pointed their members in opposite directions to pray and serve God. Members of both have seen an irreconcilable conflict between the Law of Moses and the New Covenant which Yeshua brought.

Traditional understanding ignores the historical reality, which is actually quite clear. As Irenaeus recorded in "Against Heresies," written about 180 A.D.: "the Apostles... allowed the Gentiles to act freely, yielding us up to the Spirit of God. But they themselves, while knowing the same God, continued in the ancient observances... Thus did the Apostles... scrupulously act accoring to the dispensation of the Mosaic law."

Was there a conflict between how they lived and what they believed and taught? Here is the opportunity to examine the Scriptures anew in the hope of distinguishing between ageless wisdom and accumulated error.

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