Torah and the New Covenant: An Introduction

by Daniel Gruber

Two communities, which both started out from Jerusalem, have long pointed their members in opposite directions to pray and serve God. Members of both have seen an irreconcilable conflict between the Law of Moses and the New Covenant which Yeshua brought. Traditional understanding ignores the historical reality, which is actually quite clear. As Irenaeus recorded in "Against Heresies," written about 180 A.D.: "the Apostles... allowed the Gentiles to act freely, yielding us up to the Spirit of God. But they themselves, while knowing the same God, continued in the ancient observances... Thus did the Apostles... scrupulously act accoring to the dispensation of the Mosaic law." Was there a conflict between how they lived and what they believed and taught? Here is the opportunity to examine the Scriptures anew in the hope of distinguishing between ageless wisdom and accumulated error.


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